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Hilton Monument Co. Products

•Traditional Upright Headstone - Granite two piece gravestone consisting of top tablet with design, name and any custom details and granite base. Hundreds of designs and custom motifs available. 

•Slant Marker - Granite front angle slant with design, name and any custom details, back is straight to the ground.

•Flat Markers - Granite marker lays flush with the ground.

•Cremation Monuments - Headstone memorials that are specially designed to hold one or more cremation urns for ashes. 

•Vases and Urns - Cremation urns and cases for ashes. Can be used as a permanent vessel, as a keeper for ashes before scattering, or as a permanent memorial to your loved one.

•Benches - Granite gravestone benches are engraved with custom details and add a beautiful memorial to grave sites and a peaceful resting place for those visiting their loved ones at the cemetery.

•Custom Monuments - Statues, stone shapes and designs are available as special memorials. Tell us your ideas and we will create the perfect monument to remember your loved one.

•Pet Memorials - Includes urns, rocks and grave markers that can be personalized as a fitting tribute to your pet.

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•Friendly, Professional Service 

•Monument Cleaning and Repair Service

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